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Z3 Roadster and Coupe, Z4 Roadster and Coupe, X3 and X5, ... is a unique blog. At TjRubley Dan Crouch blogs sports car classifieds. Talk about being being on the far end of the long tail. If a vehicle is unqiue, grey market, bizarre or just a real bargain, Dan will find it on eBay, Craigslist, or some obscure Oregon farmer's weekly and bring it to your attention. Not just about BMWs but usually European esoterics, and sometimes motorcycles, this blog will appeal to the BMW enthusiast. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list or setup your RSS reader to be the first in your area to know when these gems become available. is the "Ultimate BMW Enthusiasts Trading Post". Buying, selling or trading BMW cars, BMW parts and BMW Accessories is easier than ever. Whether your looking for BMW performance products or just need a BMW Manual this is the place to look. Selling your BMW Tools, BMW Clothing, or BMW Toys? You won't find a better place to find the right buyer.

As most Bimmerheads know, BMW makes more than the finest sport-luxury automobiles on the planet; they also make motorcycles. And they've been at it for over 80 years. For nearly 10 years has been a meeting place for K-Series BMW Motorcycle fans from around the world. With a large forum, gallery and classifieds section this portal is your one-stop shop for things Beemer.

Be sure also to check out Bimmerhead's extensive list of Beemer links. The list isn't as complete as the automotive side so be sure to submit sites I'm missing
BMW 320iS link
The BMW 320iS is a unique car. Built to Italian tax-law specification, it could be described as the only factory-built four-door iteration of the fabled E30 M3. While also available in 2-door, the four-door was bereft of body kit and so was one of the ultimate Q-ships in its day, and highly desirable in this day because of its rarity.
Also linked from this BMW site is a forum with several threads devoted to the S14 M3 engine, as well as what is probably the premier E21 forum on the net.

Bimmerheads, this week's BMW Link is one you may have seen before: Top BMW Sites. In fact, it might be how you found Bimmerhead to begin with. The point of Top BMW Sites is to rank websites based on the number of users who click-through from a given BMW site to the Top BMW Sites ranking page. The higher up a page is in the ranking, the more likely it is to be clicked on by others looking at the ranks. So its a virtuous circle - the more popular your site, the more popular you become. Give it a click and let's see if we can vault Bimmerhead into the Top 10 BMW Sites.

If BMW is exclusive, Alpina is rare. If BMW is fast, Alpina is blistering. If BMWs boost your heartrate, Alpina will get it positively thumping. Alpina is more of what makes a BMW a BMW. And its not just the cars that are rare, Alpina Links are pretty scarce too. This week's link is a full-fledged Alpina portal with a registry, large selection of used Alpinas in the classifieds, all the stats you could want, and one of the few English-language forums devoted to Alpina. In fact its the only Alpina-only forum I know of in English.

Other than the Alpina V8, Alpinas were never officially imported to the USA or Canada. If you're in Canada and have an Alpina drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.
This is the first time I've featured a commercial BMW Link here at Bimmerhead. 2002 AD, located in Los Angeles has been an institution for years servicing the 2002 crowd. You've probably seen their ad in Roundel featuring stacks and stacks of 2002 body parts put out to pasture. They sell all kinds of parts (replica, dead-stock, Mobile Tradition) and you can buy through their website or their eBay store. They also do service on these historic BMWs. There's a terrific listing of used '02s including a Turbo.

So if you're in the LosAngeles area pay them a visit, or take a look online

This featured BMW link is a proxy for the hundreds of local, regional and national BMW Clubs that span the globe. I became a member of the Trillium BMW Club in Ontario after I bought my E34 M5. Though I live too far from most club members to become involved in the monthly activities, I've enjoyed receiving the newsletter and making the trek to Mosport for the advanced driving training and Club Racing weekend.

Few things in life can compare with taking Mosport corner four at full throttle. Not that I've done it from behind the wheel, but I have done it from the passenger seat of my instructor's E30.
Rolls-Royce Forums The featured link this week is all about shameless self-promotion. A double-dose of it, actually. First you might have noticed a new category at Bimmerhead: Rolls-Royce. That's right, now that the famous British marque is a part of the BMW stable I've added a bunch of Rolls-Royce links - Clubs, personal sites, Sales and Service etc. Nearly 100 in all. Please take a tour and enjoy.

Secondly I've started another site, also Rolls-Royce related: Rolls-Royce and Bentley Forums is up and running as of today. While we Bimmerheads are used to a vast assortment of forums to choose from, if you're a Rolls-Royce fan there's not a whole lot out there. Some of the club sites have

The BMW E31 8 Series was a controversial car. While some people loved the styling, others thought it was missing something. It had the air of a not-fully-realized Ford Probe II.

Then there was the reliability issue. If you've ever owned an E32 7 Series, you have an idea of what you're getting into with these cars. I once asked a BMW technician what he thought of the 8 Series. He told me how he had wanted one but then started working at a BMW repair shop. Seeing the customers bring their 850i's in month after month cured him of that desire.

Bimmerhead is the largest collections of BMW Links on the net. At least in English. I don't know about German because my University German is a little sketchy. There could be a really big collection of BMW Links in German that I wouldn't know about. If I did know about them, then I would have to say they've got a bigger collection of BMW Links. Otherwise I'd be lying. If you're wondering why I'm nattering on about BMW Links like this, then maybe you should check out BMW of Beverly Hills, a BMW Dealer in Los Angeles. Scroll down to the bottom and see what they've done with bold, italic and underlining. And then do a search at Google on BMW Los Angeles and you'll understand why they've done that. Neat-o, huh?